This privacy policy applies to all personal information collected by the operators of City Pros website ( via the website.

The operators of City Pros website ("We" or "us") recognise the importance of your privacy, and that you have a right to control how your personal information is collected and used.
We know that providing personal information is an act of trust and we take that seriously. We only collect and use your personal information in a way that will enable us give you a better experience in using our services.

The following section describes the ways we collect information about you and how we use it
  • Points of collection
  • On visit to the website.

    We use cookies and 3rd party analytics plugins to monitor how people that visit our websites use the website and how they spend time on the differetn parts of the website.
    These cookies DO NOT in any way give us access to your device for control or monitoring beyond how you use our website. It does not give us access to your personal information. The usage data we collect as such is anonymous and so we cannot track you with it and we have no intention to do so in any way.

  • On submitting registration forms.

    We require you to supply some information about you while creating account on this website either as a customer requesting a service or as an agent signing up to render services to others.
    We store the details you submit for identification purposes

  • On submitting contact forms.

    We require you to supply some information about you when you want to contact us via the contact us form or make enquiries through the LIVE Chat.
    We store the details you submit so that we will be able to reach you when we attend to your enquiry

  • What We Collect
  • We collect your some of your personal biodata such as names, age range, location of residence, gender, email, phone, religion and laguages you can communicate with
  • If you want to become and agent, we also give you the option of indicating the services you render and the locations of coverage for those services
  • We DO NOT store your bank account or card details anywhere on our system
  • How we use your information/What we use them for
  • For Identification

    As mentioned earlier, we use the information you voluntarily submit to us when you submit forms - contact forms, sign up forms, subscription forms, etc. - to give you a personalized experience on the service we render to you.

    For service delivery

    We also use them to make sure that we can reach you when there is need to resolve any issues that might involve you
    We also use it to make sure we can reach you when your service is needed by a customer.
    We also use it to reach out to you when your request matches an agent.

    For personalized notification

    We will use the information you submitted to reach out to you when there is an information we feel will be beneficial to you in any way.

  • Disclosing the information
  • If you are a service agent, we disclose your contact information to a customer to be able to contact you when they need your service.
    When you, as a customer, request for the service of an agent and you prefer the agent contacts you, we disclose your contact to the agent so that he/she can contact you.
  • We DO NOT SELL your personal information to 3rd parties.
  • Policy Updates and Effective Date
  • This privacy policy can change when we feel its necessary. When that happens, we will update it and notify you.
  • The last update was effected on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 and it takes immediate effect
  • User Rights and Opt Out
  • You can request to know your information with us
  • You can request in writing to delete your personal information from our system
  • You have provision to update your user information when necessary
  • Contact
  • Whenever you need to ask any questions, you can reach us by through any of the contact channels provided on this website