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The Concept of
City Pros

Connect the best service providers to the best clients that need their services.

Offer opportunities of exposure to the great service providers for enough engagements and earnings from doing the job they love

Make people easily find skilled service provider from the comfort of their chosen location without stress

Make it difficult for the bad clients or service providers to hide and take advantage of the unsuspecting public

As a society, life has become easier and more efficient. It is now a win-win

Take the Advantage

Free to search

Searching for what you want is free and enlisting as a service provider is also free. It is a free platform to interact and connect with solutions

No ads distractions and non-intrusive

Irrelevant and anooying ads will not distract you from focusing on what you are here to search for

Vast and fast

The search process is continuously optimized for speed

High tech search and match

It is a system powered smart technology to match you with the service providers with the skill you are searching for

Dedicated Monitors

There are humans that are committed to resolving any issues you might encounter

How It Works

Get connected to more customers with ease

You don't need an office or workshop to get noticed. Just register your skill or service on this platform and you are visible to those that need your service

Find service providers from the comfort of your home or office or even on the go!

You don't need to step outside the comfort of your location or abandon an on-going task. Just make a request on this platform

People are looking for your service

There are countless people searching around for a reliable service provider with the skills you already have.

Our system will notify you when such people come searching

  • Matching your chosen preferences
  • Best rated by previous people that have served them

Service providers are readily standing by waiting for your request

There are numerous service providers waiting to respond to your requests at the other end.

Service providers are automatically and speedily notified to respond to meet your request

  • Matching your chosen preferences
  • Best rated by people they have previously served

Our staff and systems are also committed and dedicated to ensure you have enough jobs to meet your needs

You can make a voice call to make further clarifications

You will be guided to ensure you are endeared to the clients you serve

Describe what you are looking for

Complete and submit a simple form to describe the service you need indicating all the options and your preferences

A service provider responds to your request and you are both connected

Service providers standing by, will receive your request and respond to it. You can review the profile of the service providers and make your choice.


Accept an offer from a service provider. Get connected

When you accept the offer from a service provider (probably after reviewing the profile, ratings and comments from other user's he/she has served before), you get connected to start interacting with the service provider

Frequently Asked Questions